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Chicago Neighborhood Map 2nd Edition

Chicago Neighborhood Map 2nd Edition

Beverly, Bronzeville, Grand Crossing, Pill Hill, Ukrainian Village...

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Product Details

- Ships within 24 hours
- Hand-Drawn Wall Map
- Dimensions: 26 1/8” x 36 1/2”
- Suitable for Framing

Chicago Neighborhood Boundaries Directory

Chicago Neighborhood Boundaries Directory


($10 when purchased individually)
(  $5 when purchased with the map)

Product Details

- Ships within 24 hours
- Dimensions: 5 x 7 1/2"


Nobody ever detailed the boundaries of Chicago's neighborhoods until Big Stick.

Our Son of the Original Chicago Neighborhood Map has been revised, updated and remarkably illustrated with a new total of 222 neighborhoods, making it now, indeed, more neighborly than ever.

This is the most thorough and comprehensive work ever done on neighborhood boundaries in Chicago history, neighbor.

IMPORTANT: This Second Edition Map reflects the neighborhood boundaries in 2001. The Third Edition, completed in 2006, is the most recent and accurate version of neighborhood boundaries make certain to collect that as well.

Pricing Details

Chicago 2nd Edition Map:
$25: (includes shipping & handling)

$30: total when purchased with the companion book, The Chicago Neighborhood Boundaries Directory, a complete listing of every neighborhood's north, south, east, and west boundaries.

Professionally Matted and Framed: ($215)
We can also provide this map to you mounted on gatorboard in a wonderfully matching Rain Forest Green aluminum frame with plexiglass for $215 (this price is the total cost including shipping and handling.)

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Big Stick Sighting

Big Stick Sighting of Mayor Dailey

First Assistant State's Attorney Robert Milan,
First Deputy Superintendent Dana V. Starks,
Mayor Richard M. Daley, and Principal
Ida Stewart of Carver Middle School