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Chicago Neighborhood Map 1st Edition

Chicago Neighborhood Map, 3rd Edition

Arcadia Terrace, Canaryville, The M.D., Old Edgebrook, Slag Valley...

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Product Details

- Ships within 24 hours
- Hand-Drawn Wall Map
- Dimensions: 27” x 39”
- Suitable for Framing

Blestwith A. Goodhood


Nobody ever detailed the boundaries of Chicago's neighborhoods until Big Stick.

Unfortunately, though, this map will get you lost – lost in its 237 robustly hand-tooled neighborhoods riveted to their intrinsically redoubtable cityscapes. Did you know maps are older than books? And so it follows that neighbors are older than maps – and it was you and your forebears that crafted these rugged pavilions of democracy. So, you won’t stay lost – this map will find you.

IMPORTANT: Our Third Edition now supplants our Second Edition as the most thorough and comprehensive map ever done on Chicago neighborhoods, neighbor.


Pricing Details

Chicago Map:
$50: (includes shipping & handling)

Professionally Matted and Framed: ($235)
We can also provide this map to you mounted on gatorboard in an aptly matching Gun-Metal frame with plexiglass for $235. (this price is the total cost and includes shipping and handling.)

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IMPORTANT: All Three Editions of the Chicago Neighborhood Map are now available all together for only $90.00.

Chicago 3rd Edition ($50)

Matted & Framed ($235)

Chicago Triple Play ($90)
  - Chicago 1st Edition
  - Chicago 2nd Ver. 2nd Edition
  - Chicago 3rd Edition

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