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Boston, Brookline, Cambridge

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Boston, Brookline, Cambridge Neighborhood Map

Boston, Brookline, Cambridge Neighborhood Map

Beacon Hill, Clam Point, Pope's Hill, Southie, Crowninshield Farm, W.C. ...

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Product Details

- Ships within 24 hours
- Hand-Drawn Wall Map
- Dimensions: 27" x 39"
- Suitable for Framing


After 400 years, Big Stick Maps presents the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge Neighborhood Map. Grandly illustrating the legendary 114 Boston, 32 Brookline, and 14 Cambridge neighborhoods, with all historic deliberation. Precisely plotted & painstakingly painted.

Pricing Details

Boston, Brookline, Cambridge Map:
$25: (includes shipping & handling)

Professionally Matted and Framed: ($235)
We can also provide this map to you mounted on gatorboard in an elegant Dark Oak frame with plexiglass for $235.00 (this price is the total cost including shipping and handling.)

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Boston, Brookline, Cambridge Map ($25)

Matted & Framed ($235)

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